Freeman Cruisers

Freeman Cruisers

Freeman Cruisers

Browse through a selection of original Freeman Brochures, starting with the very first Freeman 22 Mk1 'Sports Cruiser', the Freeman 22 Mk2, Freeman 26 and the Freeman 33 Sport boats. We will be adding to the brochures available on a regular basis.

The Freeman Brochures

The front cover of the Freeman 22 'Mk1' brochure.

Freeman 22 'Mk1' Brochure

The very first Freeman brochure featuring the first production GRP boat, the Freeman 22 now known as the Freeman 22 Mk1.

The front cover of the Freeman 22 and 26 brochure.

The Classic Freeman 22 & 26

An early brochure featuring the Freeman 22 'Mk2' and the Freeman 26 cruisers.

The front cover of the Freeman 33 Sport brochure.

Freeman 33 Sport Brochure

A later version of the Freeman brochure featuring the Freeman 33 Sport in the style of the boats themselves.

A selection of Freeman brochures

How do I view the brochures?

Viewing a Freeman Cruiser brochure. The Freeman brochures are displayed one page at a time. You can browse through each brochure using the page numbers displayed at the top and bottom of each page or you can view the next page by clicking on the image.

The brochures are provided on this website for personal use only, the brochures and images shall not to be reproduced without prior permission. All copyrights and trademarks are the intellectual property of John Freeman (Sales) Ltd.

Printed higher quality versions will be available from the Freeman Shop shortly. Higher resolution images are available for publishing on request.