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Freeman Cruisers

Boat Safety Scheme

Boat Safety Scheme (BSS)It's difficult for us to assess what exactly needs to be done on your Freeman Cruiser as each boat was built so independently and there have probably been individual modifications over the years.

Mr. Freeman always used the Thames Conservancy regulations of the day as the standard from which to build his boats. As the new regulations have largely originated from these if follows that the newer your boat is, the closer it will probably be to the current Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) requirements. Based on what we would consider a standard Freeman boat below are a few ideas which we would expect you to find necessary to consider.

Remember that professional advice should be sought before undertaking any works and by law gas work should only be undertaken by a gas competent person. This is usually a CORGI registered Marine LPG qualified installer.


The vent pipe needs to be extended and goose necked so that it rises as high, or higher than the filler.

The filler pipe generally has to be changed for a certificated hose.

Freeman Fuel Tank & Specialist HosesPetrol engined boats, particularly, have to have the tank modified to comply with the top feeding requirements of the BSS. We offer a tank amendment service, returning your tank with the required modifications and pressure test certification.

Bonding wire was supplied on later models but usually needs to be enlarged or possibly installed (particularly petrol engined boats).

Diesels have to consider the points above particularly if having a new tank, but the fuel taps have to work freely and be accessible. Often diesel taps have seized up by now, so whilst existing systems do not need to have their tank modified some attention will be required.

Normally the main fuel feed pipe is un-jointed and made of a suitable copper and therefore the supply does not normally need modification as long as it is still standard. Check any inline filters which may of been added over the years are of a suitable type. The fuel flexi pipe between the bulk head and the fuel pump has to be upgraded to a suitable ISO 7840 pipe as do any return pipes. Do consider the end fittings as these are not always standard and we do make some funny combinations to fit the Freeman Range.

    Tank Modification to BSS - Top Feed, Blanking off old bottom feed, Adjustments to vent pipe & filler if required, bonding lug and pressure testing with certificate.
    Fuel Filler Hoses
    Vent Pipe
    Bonding Wire
    Tap, bracket, fittings & pipework


Consideration needs to be given as to the condition and compliance of the carburettor. Very often vent pipes are required which can be purchased from the Freeman Shop, we also offer a carburettor reconditioning which includes any BSS modifications you may require.

    Carburettor Internal Venting Service
    Carburettor Vent Pipe (Where Practical)



All gas work has to be carried out by a gas competent person. - It's the Law. This usually means an LPG Boats qualified CORGI registered installer.

Gas Fittings & FasteningsA gas test point was not originally supplied on the Freemans and therefore one needs to be installed. A bubble tester is an alternative option if it is practical. Generally the pipes are secured and within a conduit in a continuous run to a simple cooker installation. More than likely the flexible hose needs changing to the modern BS 3212/2 standard. The gas cylinder locker should also be examined.

A check by your BSS Examiner will probably reveal that the installation is satisfactory as long as it is still the original Freeman installation, in a good sound condition. If you have to renew the cooker it is necessary for it to be replaced with one which meets latest BSS specification (with a flame failure device, etc). Suitable replacements are in stock.

    Test Points
    Bubble Testers
    BS3212/2 Flexible Pipes
    Oven, Grill & Two Burners - To replace standard Freeman Oven
    Grill & Two Burners - To replace standard Freeman Grill


Ventilation has to be calculated and both the lower and higher ventilation usually have to be increased.

    Mushroom Ventilator
    Door and Roof Ventilators
    Through Bulkhead Ducting


The battery installation needs to be inspected to ensure that it meets the current BSS standard. Usually this entails additional ventilation and securing the battery more rigidly and possibly covering the terminals.

The installation of a suitable ready made battery box ensures that the acid can be contained, the terminals are covered, the battery is secure and that there is ventilation. A suitable ready made battery box is often the most simple way forward; providing the base to which you are attaching it is secure and any fumes can be vented out of the compartment.

Battery Switches were usually fitted on a Freeman installation although some of the earlier boats may not have one, ensure that any secondary batteries are suitably switched. Often fuse boxes are over-crowded and cables need to be separated possibly installing an additional fuse box. Occasionally on the very earliest Freeman Boats cloth coated wiring can still be found and this needs to be addressed.

    Small Battery Box (Low top especially for Freeman Cruisers)
    Large Battery Box (Low top especially for Freeman Cruisers)
    Battery Terminals
    Battery Switch - Single Key
    Battery Switch - Rotary Selector
    Fuse Boxes

Engine / Gearbox Oil Leak Collection

Often creating a simple bilge divider satisfies the requirement of engine / gearbox oil leak collection. On many Freemans the engine compartment is three sided and suitably oil tight, so a simple bilge divider across the back of the gearbox forms the oil collection tray. Depending on your boat this is probably best sited between the shaft coupling and stern gland (not always practical). A GRP kit and bilge paint are available for this project.

Additional Fittings

Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets need to be up to the current Boat Safety Scheme standards.

    Fire Extinguisher Budget
    Fire Extinguisher
    Fire Blanket

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