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Freeman Cruisers

Engine Accessories

Jabsco Water Pump Service Kits

Jabsco Water Pumps are generally easy to service, individual parts and service kits generally include the impeller, gaskets, face plate screws and seals all of which are available separately too.

Browse Jabsco Water Pump service kits and spares.

WaterMota Petrol Engine Mount

Engine Foot Mounts

There are approximately five types of foot mounts found on Freeman boats. The most popular are listed below.

Apart from the standard mounts listed here there are variations so please supply numbers and sizes.

W1491   WaterMota Petrol Mount
    WaterMota Petrol 15/1600 Mount
    Perkins Inset Mount
    Diesel Mount Round
    Diesel Mount Square


The Freeman Shop carries a wide range of discounted batteries.

Fuel Pipes

ISO 7840 fuel pipes in standard lengths and pipe diameter are available, but also a host of specially manufactured pipes for the Freeman installations are stocked.

Water Pipes

Engine hose kits for Perkins and WaterMota are stocked together with common sizes of engine water hoses which are available by the metre.


Battery leads, switches and battery boxes are amongst the most popular parts, but engine units such as regulators, alternators and starter motors are also stocked. It is a common problem if swapping the starter motor on the early Pre-Crossflow WaterMota Engines as the standard direct replacement shown in books does not actually fit properly. So phone the Freeman Shop.

Don't forget about increasing your electrical charging to supply the ever increasing demand on your batteries. There are various methods of improving power supply problems.

Exhaust Hose

As well as supplying the standard hoses there are some sizes fitted to Freemans, particularly the traditional imperial measurements, which are hard to source. We try and carry exhaust hoses from 1 1/4" right up to 3 1/2".

Bilge Blower

Bilge Blowers

A good idea - simple to install. You generally only require the blower, a stern vent and some ducting, together with the relevant wiring. They can be used for clearing the bilge of engine and bilge fumes but also providing additional ventilation - a good safety feature.

Oil Change Pumps

One of the simplest ways of changing the oil is to pump it out of the dipstick hole. There are handy pumps available for the occasional oil change or dedicated pumps for various engines.

Bilge Pumps

A hand bilge pump is something that should be found on every boat as it is a convenient way of emptying the fluids from underneath the engine. Electric bilge pumps handle larger volumes of water. Generally Freeman's should have a dry bilge, a constant re-occurrence of water in the bilge usually means there is a further mechanical problem, such as alignment of the engine to shaft. However as a safety feature, should you spring a leak! A bilge pump is a handy tool.

For serious cruising there is a range of higher volume pumps too.

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