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Freeman Cruisers

WaterMota Engines

WaterMota Exhaust BendsMost Freeman Cruisers have WaterMota engines as their source of power. The majority are petrol engines, either the Sea Wolf or Sea Tiger, but there is also the diesel WaterMota Sea Panther.

There are two versions of the WaterMota Sea Wolf and Sea Tiger inboard petrol engines. Initially the Mk 1 was based on the Ford Pre-Crossflow engine. In 1967/8 Ford introduced the Crossflow version which led to the creation of the WaterMota Sea Wolf and Sea Tiger Mk 2 engines.

It is important when ordering parts to know whether your WaterMota is a Mk 1 Pre-Crossflow or a Mk 2 Crossflow engine as the parts are quite different. It is very easy to identify the engines:-

  • On the Pre-Crossflow the carburettor sits directly on top of the exhaust manifold.
  • On the Crossflow the carburettor is one side and the exhaust manifold is the other.

Engine Service Kits

Service kits are available for the common Freeman WaterMota engines.

Each kit is ideal for seeing your boat into the new season or a full service. The kits, for both the Pre-Crossflow and Crossflow WaterMota engines (Sea Wolf, Sea Tiger & Sea Leopard) can contain:

Spark Plugs
  • Points
  • Condenser
  • Rotor Arm (Distributor Caps also available)
  • Spark Plugs
  • Alternator Drive Belt (Fan Belt)
  • Oil Filter (Oil available on request)
  • Water Pump Impeller & Gasket
  • Order your Watermota Service Kit Online...

Optional extras which may be required.

Oil & Fuel Filters
  • Fuel Filters
  • Thermostat & Gasket
  • Engine Oil
  • Distributor Caps
  • H.T. Leads
  • Carburettor Gaskets
  • Rocker Cover Gasket
  • Water Pump Service Kit
  • Engine Manual Mk 1 (Sea Wolf, Sea Tiger, Sea Leopard)
  • Engine Manual Mk 2 (Sea Wolf, Sea Tiger, Sea Leopard)

You can order a kit by calling us and stating your WaterMota Engine type (Pre-Crossflow or Crossflow) and your model of Freeman, it couldn't be simpler.

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WaterMota Spare Parts - Exhaust Bend, Gasket, Studs & Nuts

WaterMota Engine Parts

Engine parts such as exhaust manifolds and exhaust bends are clearly shown in the relevant engine handbook. The most popular spare parts are listed below.

Other popular parts include Exhaust and Head Gaskets, Thermostat Housings, Hot Water Take Off Kit, Starter Motors, Alternators and much more.

Raw Water Pumps

Engine Raw Water PumpDon't forget it is worthwhile always carrying a spare impeller on board.

We carry the full range of spares for the main water pumps used on the Freeman Boats, for both the Pre-Crossflow and Crossflow engines as well as many other engines. If you have a newer replacement engine it is likely we have the spares for that too.

Impellers, Gaskets, Shafts, Face Plates, Seals, O Rings, Spares Kits and not to mention assistance if you need it.

Also available are new complete replacement water pumps for the WaterMota engines. Order your WaterMota Jabsco Water Pump Service Kit Online...

Don't Forget

The WaterMota J-Type Gearbox is fitted to most Freeman WaterMota engines.

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