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I have recently noticed a lack of power, what could it be?

Exhaust injection bends, the unit which is normally attached to the exhaust manifold, often build up carbon and can eventually seriously restrict the flow of exhaust gas. Usually this occurs at the point of water injection as the relatively cold water hits the very hot exhaust gases.

This can cause a back pressure which eventually can cause the cylinder head gasket to blow. Often the first symptom is a lack of power due to the fact that when you open the throttle the exhaust gases cannot exhaust quickly enough.

WaterMota Exhaust BendsIt may be worth removing the exhaust bend and exhaust hose from the manifold and examining carefully. Very often the exhaust bend will be restricted to the size of a finger. The carbon should be chipped / rasped out of the bend. Care should be taken when undoing the studs on the manifold as these can be rusty and sometimes snap. A new gasket should always be installed on replacement of the exhaust bend. - It will feel like a different boat once you have cleared any blockage and re-assembled.

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