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Petrol Vs. Diesel

Should I or Shouldn't I change my engine?

Like everything in life there is no ideal solution, choices have to be made. There is no question that on Freeman 22's, 23's and 24's where the engine is within the cabin space there is a lot to be said for petrol engines. They are notably smoother and quieter and their parts are relatively cheap. Even a 1960's / 70's engine has probably only done the equivalent mileage of a couple of years in a car and therefore, if properly laid up and maintained, should go on for years and years.

Although diesel fuel is cheaper to purchase and achieves better hours per litre, it is difficult to see the difference in cost, with the small amount of petrol used on these boats, ever equating to the cost of a new diesel engine.

From the safety angle whilst petrol vapour is a danger until you can eliminate gas from boats, which at present is not a practical option, I cannot see the need to become eccentric about petrol fumes. After all this is the point of the Boat Safety Scheme, to ensure that all fuel lines are kept in a good condition - diesel still goes up pretty well. It is just harder to get going!

However, if you are replacing an engine, new petrols are approximately the same price as diesels and therefore diesel is obviously the route to go. The new ranges of diesel engines are much faster revving and lighter than ones of previous years and they are now much more akin to a petrol motors performance.

We have joined forces with Nanni and can offer a Freeman helpline to Nanni distributors throughout the country. Therefore, we can assist your local boatyard in your choice and it's installation.

At the Freeman Workshop we can offer you a full and competitive re-engine-ing service as well as supplying parts for your existing petrol engine - The choice is yours.

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