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Dripping Engine Water Pump?

Often people notice water dripping from the relief hole in the engine water pump. Whilst this is not good news it does at least mean the escaping water is being diverted down into the bilge; and not through into the engine oil sump where it can cause serious trouble if it is not noticed in reasonable time.

Usually this happens in the spring or after a period of long lay up when the seals may of become dry and less flexible or may have become stuck to the shaft. When they are suddenly brought back to life by the spinning shaft at full engine speed they either tear or simply do not seal.

Most pump seals are easily changed, often together with an o-ring, why not use the opportunity to examine the impeller too?

Further instructions are available on the Freeman Owners Club Helpline and most seals, o-rings and impellers are available from the Freeman Shop (01491 652085).

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