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Freeman Cruisers

Freeman Cruisers

A Freeman Revolution! New Style Cruisers

The Freeman 24 & 33Square windows - Brown boats - It caused quite a stir at the '75 Boat Show in Earls Court - "You can't do that" - the regular customers almost objected, so much so that John Freeman brought back the 23, for a few years, to special order. About a thousand 24's were made with many going abroad to the Mediterranean, lakes of Switzerland, Germany and Holland. There was a Sports version with Volvo "Z" drives, I'm told you can ski behind the fastest! (I really don't know if that's true).

The 24 was the longest running model from 75 - 83 and has the most variations, the 750 was the last variation with a one piece hull and keel and differing internal and external features. The new concept was a very different hull of medium-vee configuration and considerably beamier than the 22/23's. The superstructure is different too, its rakish lines in complete contrast to the soft curves of the earlier models.

In 1978 the 27 was launched and is a great family boat. Some 300 were made and at 27ft it has a 10ft 1" beam and a 2ft 6" draft. Engine choices were single or twin - WaterMota Sea Tiger petrol's, JGM or Thornycroft diesel's.

The Freeman 33 was launched in 1974 and about 150 boats were built in four different versions all with six berths. The Sedan has an enclosed wheelhouse and aft cockpit; the Sport has amidships cockpit with opened back wheelhouse and aft cabin; The Tobago is a flying bridged version and the Sportsman has a lower aft cabin and sun deck.

The Freeman 33 Sedan & 33 Sport

The 30ft Sedan is a direct replica of the 33, the mould literally had a sliding stern that could be pushed up by 3ft to make a shorter version. These usually had smaller engines than the normal choice of 120 - 150 or 212Hp engines.

The Freeman 41, 1977 - 1983 has a length of 41ft, beam of 14ft and a draft of 3ft, it had twin 212Hp Sabre diesels, with three cabins, lounge saloon and flying bridge it was the largest boat produced by Freeman, approximately 50 were manufactured.

The Freeman 41

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