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King Charles III Coronation Freeman Burgee

Published: 22 March 2023

Freeman Cruiser King Charles III Coronation Burgee

The NEW limited edition Freeman Cruiser King's Coronation Burgee has just landed!

This Limited Edition Freeman Cruiser Club King's Coronation Burgee can be flown with pride to celebrate His Majesty King Charles III's Coronation on 6th May 2023.

The Freeman Cruiser Club Coronation flag features the official Freeman Cruiser Logo text and the official King Charles III Coronation logo. Each boat coronation flag is navy blue with the red, white, and blue coronation logo and white Freeman text.

If you are joining in the festivities fly this flag with pride alongside the Freeman Cruiser Club Burgee.

Order your Freeman Cruiser King's Coronation Burgee today!

The NEW Remastered Freeman Handbook

Published: 08 March 2022

The NEW Freeman Cruiser HandbookThe new Freeman Handbook is our remastered, 104 page, full colour Freeman Handbook loaded with history, information, diagrams and detail specifically for Freeman Cruisers. Written to provide you with a detailed insight into the Freeman boats and touching on the basics of owning and running a Freeman.

The New Freeman Handbook is now available to order.

E10 petrol and my Freeman Cruiser

Published: 08 March 2022

Will E10 Petrol Affect my Freeman Cruiser WaterMota Boat Engine?

The impact of E10 petrol on Freeman Cruisers

Much has been discussed about the introduction of E10 petrol in the UK which is now being supplied at petrol stations across the country. Many Freeman Cruiser owners have contacted us about how this change to the fuel may affect boat petrol engines, and more specifically, the WaterMota petrol engines that many Freeman Cruiser have on board.

To shed a little light, and perhaps calm some nerves, we have produced a small article on the new Sheridan Liner Blog consisting of the details we currently have on the change:
Will E10 Petrol Affect My WaterMota Boat Engine?

We will continue to track the implementation of the new fuel over time and update the blog further if necessary.

Freeman 23 Electric Conversion

Published: 03 September 2021

Can you spot the difference? Petrol, Diesel & Electric.

Freeman E-Power Electric Engine.

Yes, an all-electric. For the first time we have introduced the new Freeman E-Power inboard electric motor powered by AGM batteries.

By removing the original engine we have installed an electric motor which connects directly to the existing propeller shaft giving an extremely quiet, and so far, very successful testing in speed and manoeuvrability. Pro-longed endurance is still under examination but different battery packs and capacities are an option.

Petrol Engine in a Freeman 23 changed to an Electric Inboard Motor

The original petrol engine and the new Freeman E-Power electric motor.

The Freeman evolution continues through Freeman E-Power in 2023 with our current Freeman 23 Cabin Top conversion. We have just removed the petrol engine and are now developing the next generation electric motor which is soon to be installed ready for show casing in 2022 - watch this space for more news soon!

The Freeman Projects & Solutions Book

Published: 27 June 2019

Freeman Projects & Solutions BookThe Freeman Projects & Solutions Book is our latest, 140 page, full colour catalogue loaded with products, information and ideas specifically for your Freeman. Designed to showcase a range of our extensive boating equipment and provide you with information, ideas and inspiration for projects on board your boat.

The Freeman Projects & Solutions Book is now available to order and is currently FREE to Freeman Club Members.

Freeman Insignia Names

Published: 27 June 2019

Freeman Cruiser Insignia Name

Freeman Cruiser mirror finished stainless steel classic 'Freeman' script logo is now available online HERE

The laser cut Freeman names are finished with two counter sunk fixing holes for easy installation.

Freeman Jersey Polos

Published: 27 June 2019

Freeman Cruiser Polo Shirt The Freeman Cruiser Jersey Polo has landed and is now available online HERE

The Freeman Polo is a navy blue, 100% cotton jersey polo shirt featuring the traditional Freeman Cruiser logo embroidered on to the right chest.

The Freeman Club Cap is here!

Published: 27 June 2019

Freeman Cruisers Club Cap The Freeman Club Cap has landed and is now available online HERE

The Freeman Club Cap is a navy blue and red, 100% cotton baseball cap with white trim that features the Freeman Logo and a 'one size fits all' velcro fastener.