Freeman Cruisers

Freeman Cruisers

Freeman Cruisers

Classic Cruising

Freeman 23Are Freeman's set to become the first 'Classic' fibreglass boat? The earliest ones built in 1957, like all the others, are so well made that a boat 50 years old will still be afloat in another 50 years! The character, particularly the woodwork, is so distinctive and so much in demand that the name 'Freeman' is synonymous with MG, E type Jaguar, Austin Healey and other well established collectables. The value of an original well kept 22 Mk.1, the first model to be made, is rising all the time.

Why a Freeman as a classic boat?

Freeman 26As well as their construction, it's the supply of Original Parts which enables us to keep them traditional. John Freeman purchased very little from wholesale chandlers, he designed and made most items. These original castings and fittings are still available through ourselves together with the genuine extras such as hard tops and davits. So let's keep them traditional, keep their values up - make them a collectable classic.

Buying a Freeman Cruiser

Just a few odd pointers to help you on your way to owning a Freeman boat.

  • It is always a good idea to have a full survey before you purchase any boat.

  • Most insurance companies will require a survey before they insure your boat, so you might as well have the survey before you purchase it.

  • Buy a boat you can afford not to use. There is always a bigger or better boat on the market, so buy one that's well within your budget.

  • You don't buy a Freeman you marry it! They do need love and care.

  • Always allow for realistic running costs as any boat will simply deteriorate if not maintained.

  • Why not consider a boat bank account, putting a little away each month ensures there are funds to hand when it's time for a major refit.

  • Information on Freeman Boats for sale can be found in the Freeman Boat Sales section.