Freeman Cruisers

Freeman Cruisers

Freeman Cruisers

Freeman 24

An ultra modern design for it's day, a revolution in Freeman terms. It was the first of the new style cruisers, the boat Mr. Freeman made for the longest period of time and the model with the most variations in specification.


This is a factory specification from the original boat brochures. It must be noted that each boat was individually made, sometimes to owners particular specifications and the manufacturing process developed over time.

Length:  24' 6" Beam:  9'
Draft:  2' Headroom:  6' 1"
Construction:  Fibreglass Berths:  4
Water Capacity:  15 Gallons Fuel Capacity:  15 Gallons
Start Date:  1974 End Date:  1981

Original Engine(s)

The boats were fitted with a number of engine options from new. This model could of been fitted with one of the following engines depending on the original order.

Example Engines

WaterMota Sea Wolf Crossflow (Standard), Watermota Sea Tiger Crossflow, Sea Panther, Perkins 4.108

Further information on the engines and the models they were fitted in can be found in the engines section.