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There are black areas in my woodwork

Wooden rubbing strakes and wooden handrails need sanding and re-varnishing frequently. Eventually they go black, which means water has penetrated through the varnish or is attacking from behind and staining the wood. It is necessary to scrape the wood back using an appropriate blade scraper, followed by sanding to a smooth finish prior to varnishing.

Care should be taken if black marks are showing on panel work (such as the cockpit side panels) as the veneer on the plywood is thin. Therefore it is easy to sand through the veneer, showing the plywood, before the natural colour of the veneer is restored. This can make the job look patchy.

Freeman Owners Club members are free to discuss individual situations on the Freeman Helpline (after 4pm).

First apply two thinned coats of varnish. Standard varnish is usually thinned with Thinners No 1 (White Spirit) for the first and second coats. Check your particular products for the correct thinners and thinning information.

This should be followed by four further coats of un-thinned varnish, lightly rubbed down between coats.

It is a very rewarding job to regain the natural golden brown of the original Freeman woodwork.

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