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Cockpit Refurbishment

The cockpit sides often get stained, particularly after long periods with the hood being left down or off. Initially it is simple to sand down and re-varnish, but if black mildew is showing it probably means that by the time you have sanded it out you will be through the veneer.

You can patch any specific areas with the Freeman Veneered Gasket Paper, but it is usually easier to replace, or cover the original panels. On some models the panels can easily be removed, in which case you can use them as a template and replace quite simply using the 10mm Freeman ply.

However, on many boats the side panels were one of the first items to be placed in the boat when building commenced, consequently they can be one of the hardest items to remove. One option is to recover the panel with a piece of 4mm Freeman Ply as the edging on top of the boat protrudes by approximately this amount so you should achieve a professional finish quite easily.

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