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Crazing of the front windows

On many of the boats there are plastic front windows in a rubber surround.

These should not be replaced with glass or perspex. They often craze and eventually must be replaced, but a good acrylic cleaner, if polished in regularly will help sustain their life and can remove quite deep marks.

CM047   Plastic Window Cleaner & Scratch Remover
FW056   Freeman 22 Mk1 Front Windows
FW056C   Freeman 22 Mk1 Front Windows Large
FW057   Freeman 22 Mk2 Front Windows
FW058   Freeman 23 Front Windows
FW059   Freeman 23 Front Windows Large
FW060   Freeman 28 Front Windows
FW002-003A   Window Surround Rubber
FW005   Insert Chrome
FW004   Insert Black

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