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Always use a good marine varnish from your local chandlers, or of course ourselves! For annual varnishing such as rubbing strakes and handrails a basic varnish such as Hempel (Blakes) Favourite varnish is a practical solution.

For furniture fittings and cockpit side panels Hempel (Blakes) Classic Varnish or Epifanes is probably worth the small extra cost. Satin varnishes and Single Pack Poly Varnishes are also available for those who prefer them.

Varnishing is extremely dependant on the preparation work, if you are going back to bare wood it is important to use at least two coats of thinned varnish (with the appropriate thinners) first so that it permeates into the wood to give a better base.

Freeman's built up to six coats of varnish, sanding in between each. A good professional finish can often be achieved by rolling and the introduction of a paint / varnish conditioner, all available from the Freeman Shop.

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