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Unreliable Engine Running

If after carrying out a general engine service you are still having running problems there are some other ideas to consider.

  • Compression Test - To particularly check the exhaust valves are not burning out. Symptom : Increasingly more difficult to start from cold. Not starting after being turned off for a short period.
  • Distributor Wear - The main shaft of the distributor wears so that the points and rotor arm are not running constantly in exactly the same position.
  • Calcium in the Head - Direct cooled engines in particular can suffer from a calcium build up in the head, particularly around piston three and four as the engines often lie at an angle. Symptoms : Overheating of parts of the engine. Difficult to restart once hot.
  • Less common is wear on the timing chain or the timing chain tensioner, causing a time lapse between the crank shaft and the cam shaft movement. Symptoms : Uneven running when you slow the engine down or accelerate quickly. The engine may stagger or even stall.

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