Freeman Cruisers

Freeman Cruisers

Freeman Cruisers

MotorCraft (Formoco) Carburettors

This carburettor is in two sizes, the smaller one is generally on the WaterMota 1100 Crossflow engine (e.g. Freeman 23, Late 22's and 24's). The larger model is found on the WaterMota 1600 Crossflow engine (e.g. Freeman 26, 28 and 27).

Frequent Checks

Accelerator Diaphragm

Particularly after a long winter the diaphragm layup could crack and perforate. This seeps fuel from the plunger. A simple check is to carefully run your finger under the diaphragm.

Remedy: change the diaphragm, it is only four screws, which are easily accessible, part W2012 required.

W2012   Accelerator Diaphragm

Top Gaskets

This carburettor was developed over the years, there are at least three top gaskets available, check that you have the right one for your installation.

Easily identified is the seven screw hole gasket, generally on the latest engines or newer carburettors. Therefore most of the Freeman's have one of the six hole varieties. These are very similar and should be examined with care. Unless specifically identified we generally supply both so that you can select the correct gasket for your installation.

Rod & Ball

The most common mistake, which can easily be avoided when cleaning the carburettor is to push the accelerator jet before removing the rod and ball one way valve. This will cause the parts to shoot out into the air and at best be lost and at worst pop down the carburettor intake and into the piston!

Needle Valve Filter

Another peculiarity on this carburettor is the excessively fine mesh gauze filter, situated behind the needle valve. This can easily get blocked and reduce fuel flow. It should be monitored when cleaning.

Fuel Intake

This needs to be monitored for movement and possible seepage, this is a brass fitting installed into the aluminium housing. If this is put under too much tension it can twist and break the seal. Usually easily remedied.

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