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Freeman Cruisers

Solex Carburettors

The Solex PSEI 30 is the most common carburettor used on Freemans with the Pre-Crossflow Engine. Service kits and individual top gaskets are available, as well as full refurbishments.

A high wear point that should be regularly monitored on this carburettor is the spindle to body bearings. These should be monitored for seepage. If discovered do seek professional advice as this will only probably deteriorate further - it is not a good move to let petrol drip onto the exhaust for obvious reasons!

Hot Spot

Regularly overlooked and peculiar to this engine this item can give the same symptoms as carburation trouble in its early stages of deterioration. The hot spot is found immediately beneath the carburettor between the exhaust and inlet manifolds. It is like a core plug and simple to replace.

W0040   Hot Spot

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