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Freeman Cruisers

What oil should I use in my J-Type Gearbox?

There are two sections to the gearbox, the main gearbox itself and most Freemans have the additional reduction gear.

Draining the Oil

On most boats the oil is connected and can be drained, either by using the drain plug letting the oil into the bilge, which is messy (there is very little space to place a suitable container). Or by the drain pipe supplied at the back of the reduction box onto which the WaterMota oil suction pump can be placed and used to suck the oil out.

Oil Level

Checking the oil level can sometimes be a problem as the dipstick tends to wipe clean as you pull it out of the gearbox housing.

The Correct Oil

It is very important to use an engine oil as described in the manual. It is absolutely essential that EP90 (General Gearbox Oil) is NOT used in the J-Type Gearbox.

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