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Freeman Cruisers

Freeman Cruisers

Freeman Extras

There are a range of traditional Freeman Extras currently available which were offered with the boats when they were originally built. These include bathing platforms, boarding ladders, davits and hardtops. You will also find a considerable number of standard extras in the Freeman Shop section.

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Freeman Bathing Platform & Ladder

A special Freeman Bathing Platform is available for the Freeman 24, 27, 30 and 33 New Style boats. The bathing platform is curved to fit the shape of the stern and your boat will have been built with the necessary transom supports already installed.

The ladder is available separately or complete with the bathing platform. It offers a way down to the platform and then over into the water.

The stainless steel frames come complete with the Freeman wood slats.

ST016A   Bathing Platform & Ladder
ST016   Bathing Platform
ST017   Bathing Platform Freeman 30/33 To Order

Freeman Davits

Original Freeman Davits for the Freeman range are available in GRP to suit your boat. They fit either on the top of the deck or directly onto the stern of the boat. Most of the models have pre-installed supports in the hull for the Freeman Davits.

HT011   Davits (Pair) Freeman 22/23
HT012   Davits (Pair) Freeman 26/32
HT013   Davits (Pair) Freeman 24/27/33
HT021-021C   Davits Falls

Bathing Platforms & Ladders

Not all the Freeman range had especially designed bathing platforms and ladders. The Freeman Shop stocks some traditional stainless steel designs, with hard wood slats, to suit most models.

Boarding ladders are available in two, three, four and five step varieties. Bathing platforms are available as singles or doubles.
Swimming ladders can be attached to the bathing platforms to swing down below the water line.

You will see the combinations are endless so we can design a package to suit your needs, whether it is actually to go swimming, to carry your dinghy or even your mountain bikes!

Don't Forget

Other Freeman accessories can be found in the Freeman Shop. Hardtops are also available for your Freeman Cruiser.