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Your boats galley is the centre for maintaining a happy crew and for successful entertaining of guests. Cookers often need to be replaced due to old age, this often comes to a head at a BSS inspection. We have sourced modern style cookers which fit in Freeman spaces. No boat should be without the advantage of a hot water system, it is relatively simple and economic to fit. It is surprising the effect this will have on the comfort of living aboard.

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Sinks & Sink Plugs

Freeman Sink PlugsThe obscure Freeman sink plugs are available from stock to fit the original Freeman galley sinks.

Replacement fibreglass sinks for the classic range boats are available if yours is damaged, some fitting is required however.

If you wish to replace your sink with a stainless steel basin please contact us as there are a number of options.

Vanity sinks for the bathroom are relatively easy to install and are available in white or beige.

WA027   Freeman Sink Plug
WA024   Freeman Sink
WA020   Corner Sink
WA024A   Stainless Steel Sink Alt
WA026B   Straight Sink Waste Drain & Plug
WA026D   Angled Sink Waste Drain & Plug

Water System

An Electrified Freeman Jupiter Water PumpThe classic range boats were originally fitted with a hand pumped cold water system. The earliest chrome pump is now obsolete but can be adapted if you wish to keep the traditional style.

Mr. Freeman changed them for a plastic and stainless steel model which is still available, as is the service kit to repair them. You can add an inline pressure pump and waterproof push switch to electrify the system quite easily.

Hot Water

Hot water systems can very easily be added if your cruiser was not supplied with one. There are two basic systems, one where the pump is activated by the micro switch in the tap; this is probably best used on boats up to the Freeman 26. The other slightly more complex system operates using a pressure switch.

The preferred water heating method is through a calorifier, ducting the warm water generated by the engine. There are instantaneous gas heaters available, but all new gas installations should use room sealed appliances (balanced flu system).

There is a vast choice of taps, pumps, calorifiers and fixings available from the Freeman Shop. We can supply complete kits, subject to a phone call with yourself, as it is often possible to utilise some of your existing system.

WA051B   Mixer Taps
WA295   Inline Fresh Water Pump
WA060A   Chrome Mixer Taps
    Hot Water System Fixings
    Engine Feed Connections

Replacement Two Burners & Grill


Original cookers often need to be replaced. Replacements for the two burners and grill and for full ovens are available from the Freeman Shop all comply with the current regulations, featuring flame failure devices etc.


Original direct replacement electric Freeman fridges are largely available, although they have been modernised with the latest refrigeration units. There are two standard Freeman classics, the smaller version for the Freeman 22's, 23's, 24's and the larger version for the Freeman 27's, 33's etc.

As a new addition to your boat, the traditional Freeman Fridges should fit admirably, but you can also consider top loading fridges and even electric cool boxes which are much cheaper but obviously not to the same standard.

When fitting any type of fridge consider the battery consumption, additional battery or an upgraded generating system may be required. Ask at the Freeman Shop for further information and parts.


A full range of heating systems are available for your Freeman and we are able to install new heating systems to most boats.

Don't Forget

Fitting accessories, cables, fuses, switches, additional battery.