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Fitting out a Freeman is a helpful guide to some of the items which would be necessary for boating which were not supplied with the standard boat from new. Some of these may of course come with your new cruiser when you buy a second hand boat. Very often they are missing or simply need refreshing.

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Fitting Out a Freeman

Fitting Out a Freeman - Red EnsignWhen you buy your Freeman Boat there are certain ways that you will want to personalise it by adding a basic number of extras.

These extras are also highly consumable and need replacing occasionally and are also fashionable, so you might wish to keep up-to date.

Everything in the Freeman chandlery can fit a Freeman Cruiser somewhere! Come and have a browse to re-fit your Freeman Boat. Below is a helpful guide to get you started.

Freeman Insignia

Why not celebrate the ownership of a Freeman Cruiser by collecting some of the Freeman goodies!

Mooring Equipment


The right size fenders are important for your Freeman Cruiser along with adequate mooring ropes, below you can find some of the most popular solutions.


You can choose between pre-spliced mooring ropes that come in pre-cut lengths or rope from the reel at your chosen length.


There are several accessories that can help with mooring your Freeman Cruiser and some of the essentials are below.

Safety Equipment

Staying safe on board is an important part of having fun on the water. Before you set out on a voyage have a safety plan ready and discuss with your crew the roles they should adopt if something were to happen. The right equipment on board can help prevent issues or potentially save lives.

Life Jackets & Buoyancy Aids

Boat Safety Scheme

Parts are available to bring your boat up to the current standard for the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS). You can of course contact us to discuss points regarding the BSS including any failure points after an examination.

Books, Maps & Manuals

There are several books, maps and manuals available for your Freeman Cruiser. From maps of the waterways to engine manuals and electronic guides to our very own Freeman Handbook and Projects & Solutions book.

Cockpit Flooring

This non slip flooring is ideal for replacing your original Freeman cockpit floor. It is available in brown or grey with a diamond raised surface or flat anti slip surface.

Special adhesives for this flooring and paints to regenerate old discoloured floorings are also available.

We consider that if you are replacing a Freeman floor (grey/blue lino) that you replace the floorboards at the same time. Telephone us for further help and to order.

There is also a teak style (plastic) planking system which can be used and is very fashionable at present.


Clocks & Barometers

A full range of clocks and barometers are available from the Freeman Shop, from Stainless Steel, Brass and Chrome to plastic, there is something to suit your boat and your budget. Individual plinths for mounting your clock and barometer set are also available. Chrome or Brass bells are also popular additions.


We stock a wide range of electronic equipment and boat gadgets. From Depth Sounders and Speed Logs to Fish Finders.

These are ideal additions to the cockpit of your Freeman Cruiser.


Traditional gauges are a perfect blend of quality and style to replace any worn out gauges.

We also provide a repair and refurbishment service for old gauges and tacho cables - if feasible.