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Freeman Cruisers

Freeman Cruisers

Paints, Gelcoats & Cleaning

It's very pleasing to be the owner of a sparkling cruiser, but there is a practical side to cleaning and maintaining your boats exterior. Filling the little chips and knocks and cleaning and polishing protect the boat from the weather and algae which can penetrate the gelcoat, discolouring and breaking it away.

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Freeman Paints

Special Freeman paints are produced for us to the original Freeman Colours.
  • Freeman Stone Deck Paint is available for the new style range of boats. This is supplied with optional sand granules.

  • Freeman Stone Gloss Paint for the new style range of boats is useful for touching up the cream areas.

  • Freeman Brown Gloss Paint for the new style range of boats is useful for touching up or repainting the areas of brown gelcoat.

Other paint colours are available in gloss, deck paints and bilge paints.

HT046   Freeman Stone Deck Paint
HT047A   Freeman Brown Gloss Paint
HT047B   Freeman Stone Gloss Paint

Freeman Gelcoat

Freeman Gelcoats have been specially mixed to the original Freeman Factory colours. These are in 500g cans complete with the catalyst hardener.

It should be noted that exact matches are difficult due to ageing and U.V damage etc.

We also have some small tubes of near match colours, please ask about these as they are not exact matches but are simple to apply and can help some people.

Hempel (Blakes) Paints

We stock the vast majority of the Hempel (Blakes) Paint range of products, including gloss paints, deck paints, bilge & locker paints, Antifouling, Waterline & varnishes.


An important maintenance task is to antifoul the bottom of your boat to prevent the build up of foreign matter, algae and mussels which can damage the structure of the boat. There are several different grades of antifoul available and there use depends on your boats situation. A good 'all-rounder' is the Hempel Cruising Performer antifoul although there are cheaper alternatives for those on a budget.


The woodwork on a Freeman Cruiser is a particular attraction to many. The warm mahogany wood coated in a deep gloss coating of varnish is enough to turn heads when cruising by!

Selecting the right varnish and equipment is very important for a long lasting repair.

Gloss Paint & Deck Paint

If the gelcoat on your Freeman Cruiser is too far gone to repair and bring back the shine it can be possible to get an excellent finish using a gloss paint.


Spring cleaning is a British tradition brought about by our long damp winters. Every year the boat needs a clean and a polish, sometimes during the year it's nice to use one of the modern boat washes. Over the years the gelcoats do fade, predominantly due to the U.V in the sunshine. If left too long the true colour can never be restored. So once in a while a restoration clean is required to sustain it's value.


Many general boat cleaning products are available from the Freeman Shop.