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Rubbing Strake

The rubbing strake is there to protect the boat from further extensive damage and as a cosmetic finishing strip. Consequently it receives the brunt of any inevitable daily wear and tear and needs occasional maintenance.

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Traditional Freeman Rubbing Strake

This is traditionally made up with a D section mahogany, topped with an aluminium channel and a rubber insert.

Freeman Rubbing Strake Mahogany & AluminiumTo make your boat look like new why not replace the rubbing strake. It is a reasonably easy job for most DIY'ers, especially over winter while your boat is on hard standing.

The rubbing strake wood, aluminium and rubber are supplied in lengths suitable for your boat and can be sent to you directly or collected from the Freeman Shop.

Odd lengths are often available for repairs and patches.

Don't forget to finish your new job off with some Bumper Care on the rubber to make it shine.

WP030A   Rubbing Strake Mahogany
WP032   Rubbing Strake Curve Freeman 26
WP032A   Rubbing Strake Curve Freeman 22 Mk2
FW010A   Rubbing Strake Aluminium
FW011   Rubbing Strake Rubber
CM018   Mastic Tape Roll (15m)
CM019A   Mastic Tape Roll (per Meter)

Freeman Alternative Rubbing Strake

As used on some of the New Style Range cruisers,this comprises of a larger aluminium section and is finished with a rubber insert. It was used in three sizes, the two larger sizes as used on the Freeman 30's and 41 is still available, the smaller size was used on the Freeman 24's and 27's.

The special Freeman 24 / 27 style rubbing strake rubber is produced by us especially for your boats. It's available by the coil (enough for a Freeman 27 and plenty for a 24) or by the metre.

FW013A   Freeman 24/27 Rubbing Strake Rubber
FW013   Rubbing Strake Rubber
FW015   Rubbing Strake Rubber Freeman 33
FW017   Rubbing Strake Rubber Freeman 41

Various specialist aluminium sections are still available by request.

Lower Rubbing Strakes

The lower rubbing strakes on the Freeman boats are available, either in complete units or some specially shaped wood sections for repair jobs.

WP033-033A   Rubbing Strake Lower
WP033B   Rubbing Strake Lower / Metre