Freeman Cruisers

Freeman Cruisers

Freeman Cruisers

Underwater Fittings

Mr. Freeman was keen to make all underwater metals compatible, bronze is used throughout the fleet. This minimises electrolysis and future high cost maintenance. It is worth examining underwater fittings whenever the boat is out of the water.

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Freeman Gland Packing & Shaft Log

Gland Packing & Shaft Log

One of the most vital spare parts and regular maintenance jobs. Your boat's gland packing should be checked regularly and replaced occasionally. We carry the Freeman gland packing sizes in stock along with the locking wire and Shaft Log Hoses for the various models.

Do grease the bearing regularly, a must have is a good quality Waterproof Grease. We generally use a good thick grease as it retains itself in the bearing; if you have a remote greaser then you should use a slightly thinner grease to allow it flow to the bearing.

SG028E   Freeman Gland Packing Kits
SG026   Freeman Locking Wire
CM031   Water Pump / Stern Grease
CM031B   Thin Water Pump / Stern Grease
SG025A   Log Hose Freeman 22 Mk 1
SG025B   Log Hose General up to Freeman 28
SG025C   Log Hose Short Freeman 26
SG025D   Log Hose from Freeman 30

Freeman Seacock Housing, Filter & Gate Valve

Seacocks & Filters

Don't forget to clean your Seacock filter on a regular basis, if this clogs up you run the risk of running your engine dry.

Replacement filters for the Freeman Seacocks are on the shelf along with gate valves, cork washers, seacock caps and even original seacock castings.

GV072A   Freeman Short Seacock Filter
GV072B   Freeman Long Seacock Filter
GV070   Freeman Seacock Cap
GV071   Freeman Seacock Cork Washer
GV077A   Seacock Gate Valve Petrol Engine
GV077B   Seacock Gate Valve Diesel Engine

Freeman Rudder


New rudders are available, again we keep most popular Freeman models in stock and ready to go.


Freeman Propeller
New propellers are generally available for the majority of Freeman Cruisers, the popular ones are on the shelf.

Refurbish your propeller It's amazing what can be done, they can come back looking like new! So if it's worn or damaged, or even if you have an accident let us see if it can be reconditioned.


New bronze shafts are available, we stock the popular standard Freeman sizes, along with woodruff keys, cutlass bearings, couplings and fixings to suit.

P Brackets & Cutlass Bearings

Attention to the Cutlass Bearing is a frequent maintenance job, these are available in the various sizes to compliment your shaft. On replacing the cutlass bearing you will also require the correct locking studs.

P Brackets are available for the majority of the boats, the popular ones are in stock.

It is also possible to have your P Bracket matched to an original mould and re-manufactured in bronze. There is probably an identification number cast into the side which aids identification.