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Windows & Rubbers

At Freeman Cruisers we can supply window rubbers as a kit for all your boats windows, or just one section at a time by the metre. We still manufacture most special rubbers for the Freeman range so that you don't have to use an alternative product for the job.

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Windscreen Skirt Rubbers

This is the rubber that seals the gap between the windscreen and the deck, it is available in two types. Whilst the rubber seal is the same, the section that attach's the rubber to the windscreen differs between a 'T' Section and a Round 'O' Section depending on your boats windscreen (check the groove at the bottom of your windscreen).

Window Surround Rubber

Breath new life into your boat with new Window Surround and accompanying insert (available in Chrome or Black). You'd be surprised how much smarter she looks.

Screw Cover for boats with built-in windows is available by the metre or in lengths to suit your boat. As is the sealing tape which lies between the boat and the frame on this alternative style of window.

FW341   Freeman 22Mk2 Window Rubber Kit
FW342   Freeman 23 Window Rubber Kit
FW002-003A   Window Surround Rubber
FW005   Insert Chrome
FW004   Insert Black
FW032   Freeman Chrome Window Catch
FW029   Screw Cover (Standard)
FW028   Screw Cover Large
FW022   Screw Cover Rigid
CM018   Mastic Tape Roll (15m)
CM019A   Mastic Tape Roll (per Meter)

Internal Window Rubbers & Seals

Having problems with your Windows? It's easier than you might think to get replacement rubbers & seals. There are various seal sections to compliment the variety of windows fitted on Freeman boats. These normally comprise of felt and nylon surrounds, 'U' section and flat rubbers, slide rubber and there are various sectioned rubbers to fit particular requirements. The majority of these are in stock.

New Front Windows

The front facing windows for the classic Freeman 22 Mk1's, 22 MK 2's & 23's are available 'off the shelf' in the recommended material.

Window Refurbishment

A complete window refurbishment service is available at the Freeman Workshop, bring or send in your window frames. New windows and windscreens are also a possibility to special order.

Hatches & Hatch Rubber

Replacement Freeman Hatch rubber is available from stock along with some of the Freeman Hatches themselves..