Freeman Cruisers

Freeman Cruisers

Freeman Cruisers

The Engine Room

Down in the engine room! - Controlling the boat is the steering mechanism and the throttle controls. Running the boat is the fuel which requires the tank, filler and exhaust systems. You will find service parts and engine spares in the Engine Section.

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Engine Service Kits

Full Engine service kits are available together with the individual parts, especially for WaterMota Sea Wolf and Sea Tiger, J-Type Gearboxes, Perkins 4.107/8, JGM (BMC), Thornycroft and Sabre engines. Visit the Engines Section for more information and to select the parts you require to order.

Engine Oil Change

WaterMota engine oil is available along with oil filters and oil sump pumps.

Water Pumps

Both engine circulation and fresh water pumps can be found in the Engines Section.


Steering Wheels

Replacement steering wheels in a traditional style, with the Freeman fitting are available from the Freeman shop. As are their controlling links to the rudder.

Steering Systems

These controls come in three distinct varieties; Cable Wire Steering (Freeman 22's, 23's, 26's, early 30's), Steering Cable Systems (Freeman 24's, 27's, 28's, Some 30's/33's) and Rod and Gearbox Systems (Freeman 30's, 32's, 33's, 35's, 41's).


Common Replacement Parts

SA120   Freeman Wheel Spoke End Caps
SA103   Traditional Freeman Helm Wheel Replacement
SA106   Bezel
SA107   Transom Mounting Kit
SA104   Steering Head
SA101   Cable Wire /M
    Steering Cable (Various Lengths)

Rod and Gearbox systems can often be overhauled.

Throttle & Gears

The engine is controlled either by a traditional rod and lever system or a flexible control cable with single lever control.

For the Freeman 22's and 23's there is the popular conversion kit to exchange the long through the floor gear lever for a side mounted hand control.

HA107   Freeman Throttle Control
HA121   Gear Control Conversion Kit
    Control Cables (Various Lengths)
HA117   Single Lever Control
HA116   Twin Lever Control
    Stop Cables (Various Lengths)

Hoses and Pipes

There are a surprising number of hoses and pipes found in any engine room and throughout the boat. They fall into distinctive categories: Fuel Filler Hoses, Fuel Flexible Hoses, Fuel / Gas Supply Piping, Gas Flexible Hoses, Engine Water Hoses, Fresh Water Hoses and Exhaust Hoses together with their various fittings & fixings all of which are available from the Freeman Shop. The majority of hoses are generally in stock, but are far to numerous to mention here.


Special Freeman Filler Hoses

TA057E   Filler Hose 2 1/4" Soft
TA057F   Filler Hose 2 1/4" Hard
TA057   Filler Hose 2 1/4" to 2"
    ISO 7840 Fuel Hoses (Various)
    WaterMota ISO 7840 Hoses (Various)
    Copper Piping (Various Sizes)
    Compression Fittings
    Gas Flexible Hoses BS 3212-2 (Various)
    Exhaust Hoses from 1 1/4"

Standard hoses are also available.

Fuel, Water & Gas Tanks

Generally the original designs and patterns are available to re-manufacture a given Freeman tank. Some of the most popular ones are stock items. There is a convenient service for Boat Safety Scheme modifications, particularly to convert petrol tanks to the new BSS requirement.


Popular Items

TA058C   Fuel Tank - 22 Mk1
TA058E   BSS Tank Modification

Don't Forget

Seacocks, Rudders, Propellers and Gland Packing