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Toilet & Shower

Fitting a shower, even on a Freeman 22 may not be the sizable issue you imagine. It enhances any boat and gives the crew more of the comforts of home. As does a pump out toilet facility, this should be especially considered if you have a standard sea toilet.

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Pump Out Toilets

Suitable for installation in any Freeman Cruiser, comprising of a toilet, holding tank and various fittings. It is recommended that you don't skimp on the quality of toilet products. The last thing you need in a few years is a smelly boat!

Many Freeman Boats were fitted with sea toilets but their use is now being severely restricted on most waterways.In this situation, where you will no longer be able to discharge in to your waterway, you can almost certainly convert your existing system to a pump out system.


A typical list of parts

TT010   Compact Toilet
TT010   Regular Toilet
TT010   Lite Flush Toilet
    Stainless Steel Holding Tank to fit
    Plastic Tank Alternative
TT056   Chrome Pump Out Deck Fitting & Key
TT057   Chrome Rinse Out Deck Fitting & Key
TT055   Microvent
TT058   Toilet Waste Tank Level Monitor
JB062A   Toilet Sanitation Hose

You may be able to utilise your existing toilet and seacock.

Porta Potti's

Porta Potti, the compact all in one toilet system for your Freeman Cruiser. They fit nicely in the toilet area, are economic, convenient and come in three different sizes.


Showers, surprisingly can be fitted to most Freeman boats, but always ask yourself how often you are actually going to use it, this will help you to determine the practicality and the system required.

The installation problems are not in getting the hot water to the shower, this can simply be done by extending your existing hot water supply system (See the Hot Water Parts for more Information). It is the removal of the used water, the building in of the shower tray and the waterproofing of the compartment that require the thought and effort.

There are three basic options.
  • To install the shower in the toilet compartment and why not consider a useful hand basin at the same time.
  • To install the shower in the cockpit area in the smaller boats.
  • To install the shower on the stern of the boat where there is a bathing platform to use as a swimming shower.

Come to the Freeman Shop to view the options.

    Shower Head
    Shower Drain Pump
    Drain Outlet
    Piping, Fixings and Electrics
    Shower Tray
    GRP / Gelcoat for Custom Shower Tray.
    Wood Strip for Foot Platform
    Corner Basin

Hot Water

For information on installing hot water systems please visit the galley parts page.